Allegiant Airlines Announces Flights Between Tulsa and Orlando

Tuesday, August 20th 2013, 7:22 am

A low-fare, no-frills airline is adding a new direct flight between Tulsa and Orlando. Normally, that's a trip that requires a connecting flight.

It's coming with an airline that hasn't flown to Tulsa before. The airline is Allegiant. They fly to smaller cities and only have direct flights, no connections.

But if you're looking for a cheap ticket to Orlando, the round trip, regular price is less than $200.

Allegiant's service is focused on direct flights to vacation destinations. The low cost comes with no frills, and that means almost everything imaginable costs extra, even booking online and carry-on luggage.

For families with plenty of luggage, the fees can add significant costs to that low-price ticket.

The airport and Chamber of Commerce welcomed the new airline, the first to take advantage of new incentives for new, direct service to Tulsa.

"We're extremely excited about more direct flights that Allegiant might be adding for us in the future," said Mike Neal, with the Tulsa Chamber.

In exchange for two flights a week, Allegiant gets an incentive package valued at $200,000 the first year--basically free rent and no landing fees.

The airline will also get $50,000 for advertising.

"The incentive is intended to bring them into the marketplace and build their business and make them a known quantity," said Tulsa Airports Director Jeff Mulder.

Allegiant flies to cities all over the country, but will start in Tulsa with just two flights a week: one on Monday, the other on Friday. They will fly into a smaller airport outside Orlando, not the main one.

But their low-cost tickets have made them successful in other cities, and Tulsa's airport is planning on them building up their service to Tulsa.

"If Orlando goes well, I think you'll see they'll add to the frequency for Orlando, then eventually add some other cities," said Mary Smith, with the Tulsa Airport Authority.

The new flights will start October 25. They're mid-morning flights both ways, and again, only on Monday and Friday.