Two Injured In North Tulsa House Fire

Tuesday, February 26th 2013, 6:24 am
By: Emory Bryan

A fire left two women with serious injuries and destroyed a house in north Tulsa Tuesday.

Firefighters arrived to find the house in flames and a woman telling them two people were still inside.

It left two women friend in intensive care with burns and smoke inhalation injuries.

The fire was raging when the first trucks arrived and the priority was searching for victims. One woman was outside and she told firefighters two other women were inside, on opposite sides of the fire.

One injured woman was found trapped in the garage, and another woman and her dog were trapped in a bedroom, so firefighters pulled her out a window, as the house exploded and collapsed.

"That's when all the flammables reached an ignition temperature all at once. It flew out with enough force to knock down three of my probably biggest men—tall, big men," said District Chief Bennie Herring.

Kimberly Brown's mother lives there. She said both her mother and a friend are unconscious in the hospital.

"They're both in ICU burn unit, smoke inhalation, and burns. They're both still. They're not awake, so they'll be that way for a few days, from what the nurse tells me," Brown said.

There's not much left of the house, because firefighters focused on finding and helping the victims before attacking the fire.

Brown said her mother's dog somehow got out unhurt and was sitting inside waiting when she got back from the hospital.

She said she didn't find much worth saving.

"Baby records, family records, everything was in that house," Brown said. "Hopefully, my mom pulls through. And the lady with her, we're trying to find her kinfolk."

The fire marshal's office determined the fire was an accident that started in the kitchen.

Brown said her mother's uncle died and the family was gathering for the funeral, which is why her mother was cooking at 3:30 in the morning.

The fire was even more extensive than it looks from outside. It burned out the roof and through the floor.