Meet The 'Mayor Of The Brady District,' Ringo

Thursday, January 24th 2013, 9:51 pm
By: Tess Maune

This week we've been showing you around our new neighborhood in the Brady Arts District and introducing you to some of our new neighbors.

But there's one you haven't met.

This neighbor isn't a historic building or a famous ballroom, but instead a dog, who's gained notoriety for his friendly attitude and will to eat.

Get out of the way, Dewey Bartlett, there's a new mayor in town.

"That's Ringo," said Steve Monroe.

Ringo the dog is a star around these parts and hailed by many as the 'Mayor of the Brady District."

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"He gets a lot of attention around here, that's for sure," said Brady Tavern Executive Chef Grant Vespasian.

That attention doesn't come from his speed. Ringo is missing a leg. It was amputated about seven years ago, after someone shot him in the woods.

"He was in a cast for a while. We tried to save the leg," said Monroe, Ringo's owner.

Monroe has called Ringo his best friend for 14 years now, and he knows better than anyone that what Ringo lacks in leg, he makes up for with ambition to eat.

"He makes the rounds at the restaurants," Monroe said.

No, Ringo doesn't get around as easily as some of his four-legged friends, but when it comes to food, he's got a leg up on other dogs.

"He'll sit at the door and bark until you bring him a meatball," said Hey Mambo manager Kenny Hoppins.

Hey Mambo is just one of Ringo's daily stops. When you're guaranteed a free meatball of that size, of course of it is.

"He gets food everywhere else, so why shouldn't he get food here?" Hoppins said.

When he finishes his meatball, he hops along for his second course.

"Ringo gets his daily quota here at the Tavern of two to four strips of bacon," Vespasian said.

Clearly, he knows what he wants.

His love for fine-food started here at the Soundpony.

But the older he gets, the harder it is for Ringo to make the journey two blocks north for his original favorite treat.

"He only comes up for the hot dogs once a month now, but we give him an AARP rate," said Soundpony owner Mike Wozniak.

Ringo's stardom reaches even further. The Soundpony's biggest selling t-shirt featured a picture of Ringo, and he's even got a drink named after him at Brady Tavern: "The 3-Legged Dog."