Overdosing On Cold, Flu Medicines Can Prove To Be Deadly

Thursday, January 24th 2013, 7:31 am

Doctors are warning patients about overdosing on medicines they're using to try and get over that nagging cough or congestion.

The Poison Control Center in Oklahoma is seeing more and more calls thanks to cold and flu season.

Center officials say they've seen 57 calls in December alone for what they term cold medication errors.

Doctors say people are taking over the counter pills, thinking more is better. That can not only make you feel worse, but medical professionals say that could damage your kidneys and liver.

Dr. Aliyeah Roper, with Utica Park Clinic in Tulsa, says educating her patients is really important.

"I think the major concern with the Over the Counter Products is that a lot of the patients aren't going to ask, uh pharmacists or the pharmacy assistants that are there, you know, what is in this?" said Dr. Aliyeah Roper.

The poison control numbers also prove another point. Be careful with medication around young kids. Almost half of the Center's cold medication calls dealt with children six years old and younger.