Man Shot By Security Guard After Robbing Tulsa Credit Union

Wednesday, January 23rd 2013, 3:09 pm
By: Tess Maune

A man was shot after holding up a TTCU branch Wednesday, police say. TPD says that security guard fired several shots at the suspect, hitting him at least once.

Still, the man was able to run away and police say they tracked him down through a phone call.

Crime tape closed down TTCU, The Credit Union, Wednesday afternoon.

Police say a man with a gun hopped the counter, demanded cash and left with an undisclosed amount of money.

But once the suspect made it outside, police say he was met by a retired Tulsa Police officer, who now works on site as a security guard.

"The individual was shot at several times by an off-duty security officer, who was working inside the bank," Officer Leland Ashley said.

A tree out front was marked by two stray bullets, and a customer's windshield also took a hit. The car's owner was inside the credit union when the shots were fired.

But back to the suspect.

"It appears he might have been shot multiple times, but for exact numbers, I do not know," Ashley said.

Despite being hit, Ashley said the suspect managed to run away.

He didn't make it far, though. Ashley said the suspect ended up at a house just a few blocks away from the credit union.

"We believe this individual is the individual that had robbed the bank here," Ashley said.

Only our cameras were there as paramedics loaded the suspect into an ambulance. Officers were led to the home no more than 30 minutes after the hold up, when someone inside the house called 911 about a shooting victim.

We're told the suspect's grandmother lived in the home that suspect ran to.

Police say he was taken to a hospital, but his name and condition have not been released.