Father Of Murdered Tulsa Woman 'Disappointed' After DA Drops Accessory Charges

Monday, January 14th 2013, 6:02 pm
By: News On 6

The father of a murdered woman is frustrated that a man charged in connection with her death, was set free.

Bryshell Downing was shot to death, while riding in a car in March 2011.

The man who fired those shots from another car was found guilty and sent to prison. One of the men in the car with him will stand trial this year. And a third man, a passenger in the backseat, had the charges against him dismissed.

Bryshell Downing, her sister, Brytne, Brytne's 2-year-old daughter, and another friend met with three guys and agreed to go to a hotel room on the morning of March 27, 2011. When they couldn't get a room at two different places, Bryshell's sister said she got a bad feeling about the men. Moments later, they drove up next to the girls' car and fired about a dozen shots into the vehicle. Bryshell was killed.

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"They say you learn to live with it, but you don't," said Bryshell's father, Ronnie Downing. "I want everybody to know she's loved and missed, you know."

Police arrested C.C. Johnson as the shooter.

A jury found him guilty of murder and three counts of shooting with intent to kill, and gave him life without parole plus 50 years.

Detectives also arrested Demarco Page. He faces the same charges and is awaiting trial.

John Thompson was charged with accessory after the fact, but after his statement to police was thrown out and his attorney argued he was just present during the crime, but did nothing to assist the suspects, the District Attorney dropped the charges.

"If you ride with a guy for hours and hours and hours and go to a hotel, to a convenience store, to a hotel, to a convenience store; you know the plot that's taking place, you know what's going on. I don't believe it was a surprise to him. I don't believe it," Ronnie said.

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Ronnie said he wanted everyone involved in his daughter's death to be punished, and it would've given his family some peace.

He said he doesn't feel Bryshell is getting full justice and he's disappointed. But, mostly, he's just trying to survive without her.

"She'd call me, first thing she'd say, ‘Daddy,' and I'd say, ‘Yeah, baby?' We'd talk about other things and I'd ask, ‘What's really going on?' She'd say, ‘Daddy, you have $20?'" Ronnie said. "I miss those calls. I'd do anything to give her $20 again."

The DA says the charges can be re-filed if new evidence becomes available, so they're asking anyone with information about this case to come forward.