Generosity Follows Sand Springs Mother After Gifts Are Stolen

Sunday, December 23rd 2012, 9:08 pm
By: Tess Maune

We have an uplifting update about the Sand Springs mother of four whose gifts were stolen by a Christmas crook.

Her story tugged at the heartstrings of many in Green Country.

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Bryanna McIntosh lives crammed in to a two-bedroom apartment with her four children.

In such a small space and with four curious kids, she said there was no place to stash the toys, except the car trunk.

Unfortunately, crooks found her hiding spot instead.

But she's now seen proof there are more Santas out there than grinches.

Christmas 2012 is one McIntosh will never forget.

"I'm speechless, I really am," McIntosh said. "So much love, so much giving."

McIntosh saved up for months, buying gifts for her kids as she could afford them.

On Thursday, she was convinced Christmas would have to be canceled.

But Oklahomans, almost all of them complete strangers, had something different in mind.

"On the behalf of PCC Cleaning and Restoration these young ladies would like to present to you something for you and your family for Christmas," PCC owner Roger Fisher said.

Danny Riddle, Riddle Plant Farm Owner said: "Phone's been ringing off the hook all day, people have been coming in, Bry's been crying all day."

Her tears are tears of joy and overwhelming gratitude and comfort knowing the spirit of Christmas is alive and well.

"I get to go wrap, wrap presents and… they get Christmas," McIntosh said. "They're gonna have the best Christmas, compared to no Christmas."

Somehow, even Santa heard McIntosh's story.

" We brought something to help you with Christmas," a man dressed as Santa said.

While the gifts and gift cards and cash will make for a Merry Christmas, McIntosh said the most important thing is the lesson her children are taking away from a bad situation turned bright.

"I thank (everyone) from the bottom of my heart," she said. "Good will overcome evil. (My kids) realize everything that's happening, that there's good in the world.

McIntosh received so many gifts and donations, she said she's already looking pay it forward by reaching out to others this Christmas who may need help.