Hardesty Arts Center Opens Doors In Brady District

Sunday, December 16th 2012, 10:58 pm
By: News On 6

The Brady Arts District celebrated another grand opening on Sunday.

The Hardesty Arts Center, a multi-million dollar building, is the latest building to open its doors to the public.

It's a new jewel in the Brady Arts District.

"We've imagined this day for so long and it's been sweat and go, go go," Hardesty Arts Center Director Kathy McRuiz said.

The center is a four-story building filled with every type of art you can think of.

"It will be a place where people can come and gather and discuss the creativity and be creative themselves."

On the first floor is a gallery space, creative studios and sculptures.

Kids are already taking advantage of the family labs on the second floor.

It is a space where families can work on projects and put those creative skills to the test.

"Looking forward to bringing my grandsons here to play," Leslie Brucks said. "A lot of potential for kind of a new way of experiencing and thinking about art and making it part of our lives."

Everything about this building is art -- from the architectural design to the spacious setting inside and even the terrace which overlooks the beautiful Tulsa skyline.

"Having it open on the bottom floor and very interactive with people," Debra Merkes said. "It feels very inclusive and warm and welcoming like a big hug kind of thing."

And if you're a local artist, this just may be the perfect space for you to rent out a room and showcase your work.

"I have a number of artistic friends to encourage to participate in this space in some way, whether though studio or story telling or whatever," Merkes said.

Mayor Dewey Bartlett says this art center adds a whole new dimension to the city.

"It means growth," Barltett said. "It means vision. It means we're growing in a variety of ways."

The Hardesty Art Center will offer classes and events beginning in January.