Tulsans Gather To Grieve At Vigil For Victims Of Elementary School Massacre

Friday, December 14th 2012, 10:46 pm
By: Tess Maune

Oklahomans are hurting for and with those in Newtown, Connecticut, following the tragic, deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Friday night, the Tulsa community gathered to light candles in honor of the victims.

The shooting has moved people in Tulsa in such a way that they almost don't know how they feel, they just know they hurt.

The best way anyone could put it is there really are no words.

"Those babies, it's just overwhelming. I've cried all day long and my heart's just breaking for those families," said Tulsa resident Debi Grady.

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On a night when a town so far away feels so close to home, the glow of a candle seems to offer the slightest bit of comfort.

"I can't change anything. All I can do is come here and pay my respects to these people," Grady said.

For Grady, the vigil is her way of trying to make sense of a senseless act. She stopped by with her family, including her grandson, Ethan Martinez.

Through the eyes of a 9-year-old, there are few things more difficult to understand.

"I was actually kind of sad and I was mad, because he did it for no reason, actually," Ethan said.

But Ethan said he's also scared, knowing that such a massacre could happen anywhere.

"I'm just gonna pray to God and say, ‘Hope I'm protected, Dear Lord,'" Ethan said.

And when twinkling lights around Guthrie Green seem almost cruel, those holding vigil still found a glimmer of hope.

"They're in heaven, they're walking on the street of gold and feeling happy walking with God," Ethan said.

"Those babies are in heaven. Heaven was busy today," Grady said.

Friday night's vigil wasn't organized by Guthrie Green, but it was rather an impromptu meeting called on by the community, and word of the gathering spread quickly through social media.