Oklahoma Liquor Store Clerk Arrested For Selling To Teen Who Died Driving Drunk

Wednesday, November 28th 2012, 10:42 pm

An Oklahoma liquor store clerk is facing charges after a teen she's accused of selling to died in a drunk driving accident.

Seventeen-year-old Colton Kerns' blood alcohol level was .13, close to twice the legal limit when he crashed his truck.

An OHP trooper says Colton bought the booze himself—something he'd done several times before, with no questions asked.

Now, his parents want to know how that's even possible.

"He was my life, my heart, he was my friend, my baby," said Colton's mother, Donna Kerns.

It's been more than seven months since Donna Kerns said goodbye to her son Colton for the very last time.

"I died with Colton. My heart is gone. I have no heart," she said.

Colton died in April, the day before his junior prom at Fairland High School. He was helping set up for the dance, when he was caught drinking vodka.

The ABLE commission says surveillance cameras show Stacey Dixon selling Colton the booze, and never asking to see his ID.

"Yeah, he had a full beard, but one good, close look and you could tell," said Colton's dad, Duane.

Duane said the school's superintendent knew Colton had been drinking and had two friends drive him home.

After they made it, Colton hopped in the driver's seat and headed back into town.

Duane said his son called him from the road.

"He was crying. He was upset. He told me, said ‘Dad, I screwed up,'" Duane said. "I never knew of him drinking or anything. We never had alcohol in the house."

Fearful of what could happen, Duane went looking for his son. By the time he found out where Colton was headed, it was too late. Colton crashed, driving to their lake home.

"Devastated me—still has. Something I'll never get over," Duane said.

Colton's parents say they did all they could to keep alcohol out of their son's hands. Their only wish, now, is that every person, regardless of age, is carded before buying liquor.

"You can't give me my baby back. I know that. And I don't want to see anyone else lose theirs, either. I want something to happen to stop this, please. It has to stop," Donna said.

Dixon is free on bond, but the Woodshed Liquor store wouldn't comment on whether she's still working there.

Colton's parents are also looking into taking legal action against the school.