Delaware County Teen Recovering After Being Shot With Arrow [Graphic Picture]

Monday, November 26th 2012, 11:02 am
By: News On 6

A Delaware County teenager is home recovering after he was shot with a hunting arrow on Thanksgiving Day. He said he was shocked when an arrow came zipping out of the woods.

Tyler Mason said he has no hard feelings toward the shooter, who is actually his girlfriend's stepfather.

The most serious injury Tyler had until now was a fractured pinkie.

"They told me I was lucky to be alive," Tyler said.

The Eucha 18-year-old was outside his girlfriend's house on Thanksgiving Day when something hit him.

"Felt like a rock just hit me," Tyler said. "When it first hit me, I was like, 'Ow'. Then I turned around and there it was."

An arrow was sticking out of Tyler's back.

"I tried to grab it and pull it, but my buddy was like, ‘No, leave it alone!'" Tyler said.

Investigators said his girlfriend's stepfather, James Hoffman, was practicing with a compound bow in the woods behind the home when it misfired.

They said the arrow struck a tree, redirected on a downhill path and pierced Tyler's back 40 yards away.

Tyler's mom, Nikki Mason, got the first phone call.

"The kid was like, ‘This is Daniel. Tyler's been shot with a bow and arrow and they're life-flighting him to Tulsa, because they don't know if the arrow is in his heart.'" Nikki said.

The arrow actually struck Tyler's left shoulder blade.

The tip was a triple-bladed broad-head. Hunters use them to tear deep holes so animals bleed out quickly.

"I'm lucky it hit the bone, because if it wouldn't have, it would have hit my lungs or heart and killed me instantly," Tyler said.

Investigators went back to the woods and said there was no direct path the arrow could've taken.

They found the tree it ricocheted off and said this appears to be an accident.

"Life is precious and when it's your baby and you're thinking about all the things that could have possibly happened, it's really scary," Nikki said.

Tyler's friends who were with him that day said they're glad Thanksgiving will remind them of a wild story, instead of a tragedy.

Investigators said 33-year-old James Hoffman is cooperating with them.

The Delaware County District Attorney will decide whether to press charges against him.