Good Samaritan With Unexpected Personal Connection Returns Lost Purse

Wednesday, November 21st 2012, 6:11 pm
By: News On 6

One day before Thanksgiving, an Oologah woman said she is especially thankful for a Good Samaritan who found and returned her purse.

Pat King has done something many women worry about doing, when she left her purse in a shopping cart.

In most stories that begin this way, the purse is long gone and the victim has the huge hassle of trying to cancel credit cards and close bank accounts, but not all victims have a special guardian angel.

Pat is always making blankets to give away as gifts or just to people in need. She sews quilts and crochets, as well.

She'd been working on a project when she realized she needed some more brown yarn. The Walmart stores in Owasso and Bartlesville didn't have it, but the Claremore store did, so she went there to get what she needed. When she left, she accidentally left her purse behind in her shopping cart.

"I loaded my groceries and took it around. I knew it was in there and meant to pick it up, but I didn't," Pat said.

She said she got all the way home to Oologah and was unloading her purchases when she realized it wasn't in the seat next to her, so she immediately drove back to the store.

"I was praying all the way, take care of it God, take care of it," Pat said. "When I got there and went in, I said to the lady, ‘Did you find a purse?' and she said, ‘Yes.'"

A man had found it right where she left it in her shopping car in the parking lot and took it inside to the service desk, and that's when the real shocker happened.

"She had this paper and said, Charles King, and I said, ‘Oh my God, that's my husband.' I said it about three times, then I said, ‘But he's dead,'" Pat said.

Pat had been married to Charles King more than 40 years when he passed away 13 years ago. They were blessed with four daughters, four grand children and six great grandchildren.

She said he always took care of her and she believes this was a sign that he still is.

"He's still taking care of me, with God's help," Pat said.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton happened to be in the Walmart when Mr. King returned the purse and got his phone number and gave it to Pat, and of course she called him. She said he was quite humble about the whole thing.

"He said he was just glad he could find it and get it to me safely," Pat said.

The Charles King who found Pat's purse lives in the Grand Lake Area and wasn't looking for any publicity.

Lots of people will be shopping this weekend, so remember to always keep your purse on you and never put it in your cart.

Once you get to the car, put the purse in first and keep your keys and cell phone in your pocket. And never carry your Social Security card.