Agencies, Volunteers Continue Search For Missing Rogers County Fisherman

Thursday, November 15th 2012, 10:22 pm

After a week of searching, a Rogers County family isn't giving up on their missing loved one.

Jeremy Brewer hasn't been seen since the boat he was in capsized on Oologah Lake last week. Crews, most of them unpaid, have been searching from dawn until dusk ever since.

Eight days in, there's still no sign of the missing fisherman's body.

"When you're dealing with 53 degree waters it takes a body a little longer to start coming up," said OHP Trooper Ben Chapman.

About a dozen different agencies, including the OHP, GRDA and Northwest Fire and Rescue have been scanning the water for the past week.

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Then, on the shoreline, there's Jeremy's dad, Dan Brewer.

"On any one given pull they could bring him up," Dan said.

"It brings tears to your eyes. You know he's out here looking for his son," said Wayne Long.

Long has given up his free time for the past five days, all to honor a father's request.

"He said, ‘Yeah, go find that boy.' That's motivation. I'm out here to find the boy," Long said.

Long brings years of experience as a retired Claremore firefighter, but his boat is also equipped with a high-tech sonar.

We rode along in a boat that had side imaging technology—that means there are scanners on both sides of the boat and underneath, looking for shadows and searching every one.

"We can cover a big, wide swath down through here," Long said. "Arms and legs, they will cast a shadow. That's what we're looking for, something that's casting a shadow down there now."

But rocks, logs or debris also cast shadows, creating a bigger problem when searching for a body.

"If there's something in those shadows, it's very, very hard to pick up," Long said. "It's very frustrating. We've idled over this thing for five days now, this whole bank here, looking and looking and looking."

Boaters are also dragging the lake and using underwater cameras to search for Jeremy, as his dad watches with hope and heartache.

"These boys, right here, aren't gonna quit ‘til they find him, I know ‘em," Dan said.

OHP tells us that it could take up to two weeks for the body to surface, due the low water temperature. In the meantime, they're also sending up their plane a few times a day, in case the body surfaces in another area on the lake.