Tulsa Free Green Waste Disposal Starts This Week

Friday, November 2nd 2012, 5:42 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa residents have the next three months to get rid of their green waste for free. The city says it wants residents to get used to the new plan and this time of year makes it a perfect time to do it.

Fall means time to rake the yard and get rid of all those leaves. Beginning this week through the end of January the City of Tulsa will be collecting green waste for free.

"It's a nice way to transition into the system and to also make sure we don't penalize for helping to dispose of green waste that may not necessarily be theirs," said Liz Hunt with the City of Tulsa.

The new trash plan marks the first time the city will collect green waste separately - that's leaves, grass, plants, branches, or hedge trimmings. Under the new plan, residents will need to buy a tag like this and place it on the green waste.

A tag is not needed during this three month run, but the leaves and loose clippings need to be in a transparent trash bag.

"We want to make sure that we don't have haulers opening up, potentially sometimes, as many as 80 bags at a resident's home to identify the contents," Hunt said. "We also don't want to potentially contaminate our green waste loads that will be going to our green waste site."

Haulers who find green waste that's not in a transparent bag have been leaving reminder stickers for residents.

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"It appears to be a little bit of green waste and trash mix so we'll just tag that," said Cordney Owens, Public Works employee.

Haulers who find green waste that's not in a transparent bag have been leaving reminder stickers for residents. Tree branches and larger items need to be tied together in 4-by2 foot bundles.

The City says this introductory period should help residents get used to the new rules.

"All told those are high leaf months," said Liz Hunt, City of Tulsa. "It's windy in Oklahoma. We want to make sure that residents are not penalized for picking up their neighbors leaves or leaves that may have blown over from a park. We just want to provide that opportunity and convenience for the customer."

The green waste is taken to a city facility to be turned into mulch which city residents have access to for free.

If you've signed up for twice a week trash pickup, the green waste will only be gathered on your primary trash day.