New Warren Theater To Anchor Major Development Project In Broken Arrow

Wednesday, October 17th 2012, 6:23 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Broken Arrow has landed a major new development that's larger than Bass Pro, and could attract many more visitors.

The anchor tenant is the Warren Theater chain, planning a 14-screen cinema where meals are part of the movie.

It's going in on the south side of Broken Arrow, between Aspen and Elm.

The City of Broken Arrow is banking on a new development, anchored by a movie theater, to build up the south side of town.

It's planned for a 100-acre plot, just south of the Creek Turnpike, and just west of the Walmart.

The Shops at Aspen Creek is a certainty, according to the city and the developer. Both say contracts are in place to make sure it happens.

"This is a very, very big development. This is, I think, as far as the city goes—this is something I think is equal to a Bass Pro," said Broken Arrow Mayor Craig Thurmond.

The city encouraged the deal by promising to put in water and sewer service and build roads.

The first three dollars and a quarter million dollars of sales tax will also go back to the developer, something both the city and the developer say was essential to make the deal.

"The real incentive is the sales tax rebate, which only is paid to the developer as he earns the money," Thurmond said. "So, we're really happy with that, because we're not really taking tax payers' money or getting a loan and spending that. We're actually—as he earns that money, that'll be rebated."

The large plot of land will be dominated by a 14-screen movie theater under the Warren brand, a distinctive destination-style theater.

"It's the catalyst for the Shops of Aspen Creek, it's the catalyst for the city to have the vision to partner with us to bring the Warren to Broken Arrow," said developer Danny Signorelli.

The developer is planning for six restaurants and dozens of stores to open in the 400, 000-square-foot shopping area, all feeding off the attraction of the theater.

It's going to be about two years before everything opens there, but when it does, the developer says he believes this area will be transformed as much as the area around Bass Pro.