Questions About New Tulsa Trash Service Persist

Friday, September 28th 2012, 6:27 pm
By: Emory Bryan

It's been in transition for months, but takes effect with Monday's trash day in south Tulsa.

Despite a lot of publicity, a lot of Tulsans still have good questions about the new trash service.

Once the new service actually begins on Monday, all the new rules will take effect. All the trash has to be inside the cart and the carts have to be on the curb like they ought to be, in case they're picked up with one of the robotic arms. The biggest change is to a volume based system called "Pay as you throw." If it's not in the cart, or properly tagged outside the cart, the city is not going to pick it up.

Over the summer, the city has been distributing new trash carts, but some neighborhoods won't have them until this weekend.

That's important, because starting Monday the city won't pick up anything that's not in a city cart or bagged and tagged beside it.

That includes limbs and leaves.

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"Greenwaste material that doesn't fit into the refuse cart will need to be placed outside the cart in a transparent bag with a greenwaste sticker applied to it," said Liz Hunt, with the City of Tulsa.

The city is using the new carts, because the new trucks have mechanical lifts.

Homeowners are required to place their carts on the curb, so a mechanical arm can reach them, even though some routes won't have that type of truck.

"We're going to have to test the equipment in different neighborhoods and see where it works best," said Gary Percefull, with New Solutions.

The new hauler, New Solutions, said one of the biggest problems they've had is with people putting trash in recycle bins.

Another of the most common problems is yard waste in there or plastic bags, which are not accepted.

"We are checking carts. We will be tagging carts that are not correctly filled with recyclables, and if they have any contamination in them, we're not going to take those," Percefull said.

Even though the trash hauler has had a few months to transition into the new service, they're still asking for patience as the final wrinkles are ironed out. And they remind people that if you have questions on what you can throw away or not, or how to do it, you can call the city and ask. The number is 918-596-9777.