Creek County Dogs Placed With Forever Homes After Wildfires

Saturday, September 22nd 2012, 10:09 pm
By: News On 6

Saturday was a very special day for nearly a dozen dogs that were displaced after the Creek County wildfires.

Scribble is a Labrador Retriever mix and one of the dozens of Creek County dogs that were displaced after the wildfires.

"We thought, why not bring the Creek County animals that nobody has claimed and try to find them homes," Oklahoma Alliance for Animals President Jamee Suarez said.

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The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals is a nonprofit that focuses on pet homelessness, abuse and neglect.

Since the fires, the organization has made it their mission to reunite owners with their lost pets.

"We've been successful reuniting about 15 to 18 animals with their homes," Suarez said.

A lot of that was done through a Facebook page titled "Creek County Displaced Animals." It lists pets that have been found or animals that are still out there longing for their owners.

For the couple handfuls who haven't found homes, it was their lucky day.

OAA has seven furry friends that want a forever home.

"Every animal has a story and every dog that we reunited with its owner has a story," Suarez said.

They also brought along three dachshunds. They're not wildfire dogs, but they were rescued from other tragic situations.

Kelsey Vogel hopes she'll get to take one little guy home.

"I love puppies, and the dog we have is really old," Vogel said. "He's more of a lap dog and he doesn't get too much exercise, but if we got Rex, then he would get more exercise and I could play with him."

Volunteers are happy they were able to find all of these dogs homes.