From The KOTV Vault: A Look Back At Tulsa's 'Chughole Of The Week'

Friday, August 10th 2012, 11:40 am
By: News On 6

Editor's Note: As we dig through thousands of hours of old videotapes in preparation for our move to a new building, we've come across some real treasures in our vault. We're sharing them here on

Time to take a peek into the video vault, back to the mid 1970s. Back then, viewers consistently called and complained about the condition of the streets, so we developed a Friday feature called "Chughole of the Week.

Viewers nominated them, then one was selected to be featured on Friday. Reporters could be as creative as they wanted to be, so they took the opportunity to relax a bit, and have a little fun. 

First thing you need to know is, the video tape from these segments is almost 40 years old, so pardon the jumpy, faded pictures. 

It seems like a long time ago - especially to one chughole at 28th Street North and Yorktown. Viewers nominated it as one of Tulsa's oldest, and reporter Bonnie Weinzler set it to music.

There was another chughole in April of 1975 they called the Academy-award winning chughole. They awarded a trophy - actually a basketball trophy, but you get the idea. 

From Christmas Day of 1975, the Chughole of the Week came complete with wrapped gifts for "driving through a chughole wonderland." Told you reporters could let their creative imaginations run free.

Rex Daugherty was the face of chughole of the week lots of times. One week he interviewed a guy they called the "chughole watcher."

Another week it was a pizza pie-shaped chughole. He turned it into a contest with the prize a gift certificate to the Wagoner Pizza Hut (where hopefully the roads are smoother). 

One week they even did the entire report on a street full of chugholes in several foreign languages. I'm only guessing, but looks like they went to TU and found some foreign students to complain in their own language.  

In 1979, Daugherty likened a street full of chugholes to a football defense beating up on the neighborhood kids. He even had cheerleaders cheering the city on to chughole repair.

The pick of the litter, at least for me, is Doug McAlister's chughole blues from December of 1975. It's so well done it gives me the "how's come we don't do this kind of thing anymore blues."

Watch Rick Wells' video above, and keep watching to see several "Chughole of the Week" pieces from the KOTV Vault.