Oklahoma's Insurance Commissioner Begins To Assess Wildfire Damage

Saturday, August 4th 2012, 10:59 pm
By: Tess Maune

Oklahoma's Insurance Commissioner praised the firefighters who have been battling the out of control wildfires in numerous locations in Oklahoma this week.

John Doak stopped in both Luther and Creek County Saturday to begin assessing some of the damage.

With home, after home, after home, being swallowed by fire, it's hard now for those devastated by the disaster not to look to what happens next.

"With these three fires kind of converging and the difference of the wind conditions here tonight, it's gonna be a bit interesting here later, so this is gonna be something to watch," Doak said.

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Doak has had a busy day, being briefed on the raging wildfires that are tearing through the state and relaying the information to Governor Fallin.

"I know this is very high on her list," Doak said. "She was in Luther this morning and I imagine she's gonna be making an appearance in this area to see the damage and assess the damage."

For those who have lost anything, at all, Doak said it is important to call your insurance agent as soon as possible. He said, that way you can get the money needed for temporary housing, if your policy covers that expense.

Doak said insurance checks have already been cut and the insurance department will be on hand until all is said and done.

"The insurance department is going to be here with our fraud service and consumer services to be able to help folks on the follow up as we know what happens after an event like this," Doak said.

But the number one thing Doak wants to remind Oklahomans is that we're resilient, and have always found our best at the worst of times.

"I've been in all 77 counties of Oklahoma, I've been at every major disaster and you see things like this, at a time like this, Oklahomans put politics aside and they roll up their sleeves and they help their neighbor," Doak said.