From The KOTV Vault: Scorching Hot Summer Stories From 1986

Tuesday, July 31st 2012, 5:15 pm
By: Dee Duren

Editor's note: Moving day for News On 6 is coming right up, so we're taking inventory of everything in our old building. We've found hours and hours of old stories so we're sharing the best of what we find here on

It's hot. It's been hot, and it's going to get hotter. Of course, this isn't the first and only summer with scorching temperatures.

I bet you can remember some other hot summers like - July 31st of 1986. 

Bill Maurey says even with hundred degree heat he'd rather carry the mail in summer than the winter.

"I just drink a lot of Gatorade and finish as soon as I can," the mail carrier said in 1986.

Reporter Dana Sterling found folks working in the heat – landscapers, a toll booth operator and brick layers working on the Church of St. Mary. 

Going to work early and quitting before later afternoon does help, and no one gets too far from the water jug. 

That's not the only one. I can remember the summer of 1980; it was hot then too.

Bob Losure was at the River Parks offering hot weather tips. One park visitor used roller skates to jump over two kids. 

It looks like a bad idea in any weather.  

Later that summer reporter Jilda Unruh found some cool jobs for hot days: ice skating instructors and meat packing plant workers wearing lots of layers to keep warm.

She also watched them make ice cream at Page Milk Company where it was 15 below zero. 

Jilda Unruh: "Would you rather be hot or be cold?"
Worker: "I'd rather be hot right now cause I'm freezing."

So there have been other hot summers, but that's enough remembering. I better quit before I hurt myself.

I think there's some shade over there.