From The KOTV Vault: See The Video We Used To Open Our Newscasts In 1981

Thursday, July 26th 2012, 2:03 pm
By: Richard Clark

Editor's note:  Moving day for News On 6 is coming right up, so we're taking inventory of everything in our old building.  We've found hours and hours of old stories so we're sharing the best of what we find here on

We think this piece of video is very special.  It's called a News Open.

Back in the day, television news departments used news opens to open their newscasts.  They would be played just before the beginning of a newscast.  They usually featured several different pieces of video strung together with fast-paced edits to catch the viewer's attention. 

This particular News Open is from 1981 and features a couple outstanding colleagues who are no longer with us.  

It also includes our old slogan: On a scale of one to five, we're Six.

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