2012 better than 1992? Kobe is Dreaming

Thursday, July 12th 2012, 6:06 pm
By: News On 6

Kobe Bryant has said plenty of things that have gotten sports writers all jumpy over the years. But, this latest quote from one of the all-time quotable guys is 100 PERECENT LAUGHABLE.

Kobe, while at the Team USA Olympic practice this week, said that the 2012 Team USA squad would beat the 1992 DREAM TEAM.


There is NO WAY in the world that these guys could beat those guys. Sure, this year's team that's headed to London in a few weeks for the Summer Games will probably win every matchup. They'll probably blow everyone out.

But, there is no way they beat the Dream Team. That team had 11 HALL OF FAMERS on it. The only guy that wasn't a Hall of Famer was Christian Laettner, who was a recent college grad. Michael Jordan. Larry Bird. Magic Johnson. Charles Barkley. I mean, do I have to go any further?

This year's team has Kobe, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul. Sure, they're brilliant players and are athletically untouchable when it comes to the rest of the world. You can't honestly tell me, thought, that these guys could hold down the best team ever assembled.

It's asinine!

Kobe claims this team would win because almost everyone on the team is in his prime while the '92 guys were near the end of their careers. Magic was just returning from his HIV issue. Bird had a back issue. John Stockton was hurting and Karl Malone was old. But, Scottie Pippen was pretty good. Barkley could play. I hear that Jordan dude could score a little. David Robinson, one of the top 10 players ever according to many people, certainly a top 10 big man, didn't even play that much on that '92 team. That's how good they were.

Are you telling me he couldn't guard Blake Griffin? Would Kevin Durant toy with Pippen? Or Magic? Or Jordan?

I don't see it. I wish there was a way that we could all get in a time machine and go back and watch it play out on the floor. Unfortunately, we can't. Can you imagine the matchups?

PG: Chris Paul and John Stockton

G: Kobe and MJ

F: KD and Barkley

F: LeBron and Magic

C: Griffin/Tyson Chandler and Patrick Ewing

It would be close. 2012 would not get blown out. I'm not saying that. But, they probably wouldn't have the lead for too long either.

I just don't see this 2012 upsetting the '92 team. It's not happening. I love KD and LeBron and Kobe and Deron Williams and the rest of these current stars. They ARE bigger, stronger and faster nowadays but they aren't in the same class as Magic, Jordan & company. Give me the Dream Team, 114-102.