SNAP Cards Earn Double Savings At Tulsa Farmers Market

Sunday, July 1st 2012, 4:27 pm
By: Tess Maune

Green Country farmers are making it easier for anyone - regardless of income - to buy fresh, local produce. The Cherry Street Farmers Market accepts SNAP food cards, formerly known as Food Stamps.

From fruit to vegetables to milk: the Cherry Street Farmers Market is serving up all sorts of fresh, local goods.

"You can smell this, and there's just such an aroma and freshness to it - it makes your mouth water," said Lisa Bradborg, Market manager.

The Cherry Street Farmers Market is now making it easier for everyone to get in on the mouth watering produce. Bradborg says, thanks to a George Kaiser Family Foundation grant, there's a new incentive just for SNAP card users.

"It gives an opportunity for people who are not used to the Farmers Market to check us out," she said.

The double up program will match spending, up to $20. So for 20 bucks -- SNAP shoppers will get $40 worth of the freshest groceries Tulsa has to offer.

"The stuff was just picked last night, and you know, you can't get anything better," said Farmers Market manager Lisa Bradborg.

It's a deal Kaia Miller can't pass up.

"The vegetables here are better quality," Miller said. "It's better to be able to come and help local institutions, local farmers so that help stays in the community."

The program first came to Tulsa after Michael Appel heard how well a similar program was working in Michigan.

"It just seemed like such a great win-win situation for SNAP customers and farmers," Appel said.

A hearty idea, that's providing a healthy alternative to all walks of life.