Red, White and Blue Watermelon Basket

Wednesday, June 27th 2012, 10:01 am
By: News On 6


1 medium Watermelon

1 pint Blueberries

1 pint Strawberries

2 large Bananas

2 Tablespoons lime juice

Cousin to the cucumber, the watermelon is believed to have first taken root in South Africa's Kalahari Desert. July is the time that we see watermelon abundant and for many of us it is part of the Fourth of July traditions.

To pick out a good melon, look for one that's symmetrical, with a yellow underside. This is a sign of ripeness. Avoid melons with nicks or bruises. You may store the watermelon at room temperature for up to two weeks.

To make a special red, white, and blue watermelon basket, choose a ripe melon. Mark the shape of the basket on the outside of the melon.

Cut the melon along the markings by using a long, thin knife. Make sure to leave a handle if you want a basket. This is also the time to design the edges. Use a small knife or garnishing tools to create designs.

Scoop out the flesh of the melon with a melon scoop or an ice cream scoop and/or a melon scoop.

Remove the scoops from the melon to a large bowl. Place the remaining flesh in a separate bowl and use for watermelon smoothies if you wish.

Drizzle and toss two tablespoons of lime juice with two sliced bananas, 1 pint of sliced strawberries, and 1 pint blueberries. Mix with the watermelon balls for a festive Fourth of July basket.

Place the tossed fruit into the watermelon basket. This can be made ahead of time and kept refrigerated.