40 Fishing Poles Stolen From Boy Scout Group

Thursday, June 21st 2012, 4:08 pm
By: Craig Day

When the boys of Cub Scout Pack 67 out of Carnegie Elementary went fishing at Hunter Park Saturday, it was a great time.

It was a success thanks to a wildlife department loaner program that allowed the group to borrow 40 fishing poles.

But after the outing, a thief had to ruin things.

Cubmaster, Tom Barbour got home and unloaded the poles at his house near 51st and Yale.

Before he could return the borrowed poles to the wildlife department, a thief took them—all 40 of them

"Ugh. Dummy me, for leaving them out at a place where somebody could take them, but this is my house," said Barbour. "This is my home. I don't like it that somebody could just walk in my yard and take stuff."

It's even more frustrating because other groups like the cub scouts may miss out on the chance to use the poles until Barbour replaces them.

Barbour said, "Who is next on the list to be able to borrow the poles and have a good time, and may not be able to fully take use of that program? So, that bothers me."

Since it would be tough to stealthily steal 40 fishing poles bundled together, Barbour said he hopes someone saw the thief and calls police.

Barbour said that even if a teenager was just horsing around, he just wants them returned.

If it was someone who ought to know better, someone hoping to make a quick buck, he said wants them to get a life and a handle on right and wrong.

"You need to re-think what you're doing and find a better way to live. That's just bad," Barbour said.

Barbour said he wants people at garage sales and pawn shops to be on the lookout for people selling a lot of fishing poles, possibly still bundled, and then call police.