Okmulgee State Park, Dripping Springs Offer Oasis

Wednesday, May 23rd 2012, 6:26 pm
By: Craig Day

A lot of folks will head out to area lakes for the holiday weekend.

You probably know about lakes like Eufaula, Grand, Keystone and Skiatook.

But you may want to give a shot to some lesser-known lakes with some scenic spots.

Larry Spoon would just as soon you not know about one of his favorite places, Okmulgee State Park.

"The bugs are horrible," Spoon said. "The raccoons will carry you off. The water is polluted, the trees are all dying. It's just a nasty place to be, you really don't want to come down here."

He's kidding of course.

The truth is he loves Okmulgee State Park and the lake. And there's a lot to love about it.

"It's got everything we need," Spoon said.

That's why his family joins friends for two weeks every year there, and they've done it for the past decade.

"The quality of the camping, the people that come here and the lake and everything about it is just wonderful," Spoon said.

The 688-acre lake was built in 1927 and has three camping areas with 47 semi-modern RV sites and 55 primitive tent sites.

"It's relaxing," Okmulgee resident Chris Burcham said. "It's a calm, cool place."

"It's real quiet and nice," Okmulgee's Johnny Ellis said.

What's more, Okmulgee State Park is adjacent to Dripping Springs State Park, so it doubles your getaway options.

Dripping Springs Lake is 1,200 acres and was designated as Oklahoma's first "Trophy Bass Lake."

Timber in the water is ideal habitat for big bass.

Although the state parks may not be as well known as other options, and they're small, they're big on beauty, creating an Oklahoma Oasis in the Oaks.

"It's just a beautiful place to be," Spoon said.

Okmulgee State Park is located on Highway 56 west of Okmulgee.

Keep in mind, Dripping Springs Lake is only open to fishing boats.