OKC WON... LA didn't lose.

Tuesday, May 22nd 2012, 5:30 pm
By: News On 6

Praise the team that wins.

That concept isn't THAT far out there, is it?

I don't claim to be the biggest ESPN watcher. I do for games and stuff while I'm at work. But, this morning I caught First Take, a debate show that breaks down various topics of the day. I was amazed that the first 25 minutes of the show were devoted to two Lakers-centric topics:

1) Who is to blame for the Game 5 loss?

2) What do the Lakers do now (with their roster)?

No mention of the Thunder and how they WON the series, just a lot of chatter about how the Lakers LOST the series. Did it ever occur to the producers of the show that OKC was just better? I've heard on radio and seen in papers etc. that the Lakers COULD have been up 3-1 in the series. LA felt like they were the better team and that it was just a few things here and there that didn't bounce their way.

I beg to differ. The Lakers were down… excuse me… the Thunder was UP 3-1 in the series because they made the plays in crunch time of those close games that turned the momentum back in its favor.

You can say.. "Yeah but the Lakers blew a ___ point lead in the final __ minutes of Game ___. That's why the Thunder won!"

I'll counter that by saying, maybe the Lakers blew a lead because OKC played pretty good defense and made their shots at key moments. Kobe missed MANY shots in the final few minutes. Durant made his.

I hate that we live in a sports media world where the only thing that seems to matter is what happened 10 seconds ago. This Twitter and Facebook world have turned us into media immediacy gluttons. I also would like to see more praise go to the WINNERS and less BLAME go to the losers.

The Thunder WON. The Lakers didn't LOSE.