'Jay Parking' One Of The Most Ticketed Parking Violations In Tulsa

Thursday, April 19th 2012, 11:12 pm

It might be time to brush up on the rules of the road. Tulsa Police are out patrolling neighborhoods and they're writing tickets.

One of the most ticketed parking violations is one many people say they've never heard of. But there's a good chance you've broken this law.

Jay parking is when you park on the other side of the road, opposite the flow of traffic. And it's a violation that Tulsa police are coming across quite a bit.

It's one of those "common sense" kinds of laws, that driver after driver after driver seems to be breaking.

"You have to park next to the curb, the same direction of travel as the rest of the flow of the traffic would be," Officer Craig Murray said.

So if you find yourself and your car on the wrong side of the road, you would be a jay-parking.

Esther Worcester was ticketed Thursday morning for a law she didn't know she was breaking.

"I didn't know about this law," Esther said. "I felt like the rug was ripped out from under me."

Esther says she's been parking that way for years and it's never been a problem.

"I've had cops pass me before, and I've never gotten in trouble for it," she said.

Surprisingly, jay-parking is in the top three most cited parking violations last year - overtime parking and parking in no parking zones are the top two violations.

TPD Traffic Safety Coordinator Craig Murray says there's no "crackdown" so to speak on jay parking - but it is a law officers must address.

"It may be a hindrance in some neighborhoods that an officer's driving along," Murray said. "He's on routine patrol and he comes across that."

As for Esther, she'll be paying her $30 fine and park on the right side of the road from now on.

Police say they get quite a few calls from people complaining about jay parkers in their neighborhoods.