Artistic Effort Underway To Put Murals All Down Route 66 In Oklahoma

Wednesday, November 23rd 2011, 5:35 pm
By: Craig Day

We have 400 miles of Route 66 running through our state. In the coming year, you may see something a little different along the mother road.

For decades, there have been unique sights along Route 66. The Rock Cafe in Stroud, Catoosa's big blue whale.

Some people notice what used to be, remnants of the old road and aging signs of Americana. Now, an effort is underway to bring a modern flair to the mother road.

"From East to West, we want to cover the entire state," said Mary Beth Babcock, Project Manager.

Babcock is talking about Public Arts Project 66, a plan to put murals all down Route 66 in Oklahoma.

The first is called Indian Warrior. It's on the side of the Rose second hand pawn shop building in Tulsa's Blue Dome District.

"These pieces all have elements from the state of Oklahoma," Babcock said.

Artists' Rick Stennett and Jake Harms also put one up at an old Drive In El Reno. "Guardian of the Mother Road" features a scissor tail flycatcher design.

"What Rick and Jake are going to do, they're going to incorporate all Oklahoma elements, and the art, it is different," Babcock said.

The plan is to eventually have 11 murals along Route 66 in Oklahoma, on everything from grain elevators to old barns.

"I'm constantly looking at these blank canvasses," Babcock said.

So in the coming year, you may see more murals along with the old favorites along route 66. Something unique for drivers to see, to talk about and enjoy as they wind their way down the historic highway.

If you'd like to donate to the project contact:

Mary Beth Babcock
Project Manager