Why Is There A Pendulum On Top Of Tulsa's BOK Tower?

Wednesday, November 9th 2011, 8:55 pm
By: News On 6

Many of us have stories to tell after this week's earthquakes, but an interesting device on the top floor of the BOK Tower may have a story of its own.

It's a pendulum that was spotted by a News On 6 engineer while he was on the top of the tower to check on camera equipment.

He took a picture of the pendulum with his phone. He says there's not much to it, kind of small really.

We met Jeff Pounds and Dale Ferguson and they took us up to the 51st floor of the BOK Tower to see the pendulum. Somehow I thought it would be bigger, but as I watched I saw it moving.

But how much did it move during the string of earthquakes and aftershocks that shook Oklahoma this past week?

"There's no way of knowing, not without having a camera on it. We don't know how much it moved, if it moved at all," Dale Ferguson said.

Dale told me, maybe 20 years ago they were cleaning out some stuff up here and found the plumb bob and decided to hang it up.

The stand is an old ash tray, and the sand is that white silica sand folks used to stub their cigarettes out in.

At 667 feet, the view is spectacular. Occasionally employees want to come up for that, but few want to be reminded the building is actually swaying… me either.