Hundreds Of Herman Cain Supporters Gather In Bixby

Tuesday, November 8th 2011, 8:33 pm
By: News On 6

More than 100 Herman Cain supporters gathered in Bixby Tuesday night to organize local campaign efforts.

This is the first meeting of "Tulsa's Raising Cain" group and many more are planned.

Supporters bought t-shirts, bumper stickers and other Cain propaganda, as well as made direct campaign contributions.

The dinner and think session sold out before all the invitations could go out.

"We feel like we need to help the ground game for his campaign, so this is our kickoff -- raising cain for Cain," said Nancy Parsons, Cain Supporter.

This campaign event comes just 24 hours after Sharon Bialek publicly charged Cain with sexual harassment. Three other women have accused him of the same.

But Cain supporters in Green Country say the accusations are only an attempt from opponents to derail his candidacy.

"Every business leader that I've ever met has faced some type of false claim at some point in their life. Frankly, being a female and having had firsthand experience on these kinds of things, on both sides, so far I haven't heard anything that's credible," said Dana Weber, Cain Supporter.

Nancy Parsons thinks Bialek is a total fraud.

"I'm a former H.R. director. I had to investigate sexual harassment and discrimination charges. What's been brought to the floors, so far, there's just nothing there from what we can tell," she said.

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows Cain is still statistically tied for first place with Mitt Romney among Republican primary voters.

These Oklahomans want to bring the focus back to why they support him - his message of small government, balancing the budget and investing in small business. They say everything else is a distraction.

"People that can hide insulated by anonymity can take shots in the dark and people who are disturbed will come out and try for their one brief flash of fame," said David Arnett, Cain Supporter.

Local campaign organizers say they're planning other public meetings and rallies in the near future. They hope Herman Cain can attend one of those.