Photos Show Oklahoma's 45th Infantry Brigade At Work

Saturday, October 1st 2011, 11:48 am
By: News On 6

Joshua Brakhage, News On 6

PARWAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan -- Oklahoma's 45th Infantry Brigade is engaged in the dangerous mission that's already claimed the lives of 13 soldiers. The National Guard takes us to Afghanistan, sharing new pictures from the battlefield.

In the photos, sharpshooters perch on a rocky overlook. Men in camouflage - Afghan nationals – pair with members of Oklahoma's 45th Infantry Brigade.

It's a training mission that's taking them into some of the most hostile regions of Afghanistan - Taliban strongholds that no troops have been able to breach in the war's eight long and deadly years.

Troops assigned to security cover members of the 45th as they sweep through villages, clearing homes of insurgents. Troops recover weapons and chemicals that could be used to make bombs that would potentially target American troops.

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"The mission was a great success. Spent a few days out in the countryside of Afghanistan and we were able to keep everyone safe kept our morale high, even though the weather was very hot and the terrain is very treacherous," a soldier said.

Oklahoma's 45th Infantry Brigade In Action

Photos show Oklahoma's Own regrouping after coming under attack by bullets and rocket-propelled grenades. Tulsa Army Specialist Ryan Roach and Specialist Jared Price of Mooreland scan the horizon for enemies who may have a tactical advantage.

Other photos from the 45th show their compassion, bandaging wounds after a traffic accident. Women and children were taken to hospitals while men were cared for on site.

The female soldiers say Afghan men are usually hesitant to take help from women, but in this case, provided no resistance.