Someone Is Taking Aim At Animals In Green Country

Friday, August 12th 2011, 6:45 pm
By: News On 6

Laura Moss, News On 6

MAYES COUNTY, Oklahoma -- Someone is taking aim at animals in Green Country, first targeting cattle and now deer. The bizarre shootings in Rogers and Mayes counties may be related.

One arrow, two deer and at least $13,000 dollars in losses for this deer breeding family.

"The deer came running by with a gaping hole in him, he made one he run the length of this fence, made a turn and died right there at the water tanks," said Butch McGrew.

The McGrews believe the deer were shot through an area of the fence. Now, some of the shading was down so the shooters were able to sneak up and get a good shot.

"As you see we do grow some of the biggest and the best and we've, this has been out livelihood for many years," McGrew said.

The two deer were shot by the arrow Tuesday afternoon. One died immediately, the other a couple of hours later.

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The cows earlier this week were shot that morning. No solid connection has been made between the two crimes. County officials say they know one thing... the shooting wasn't for sport.

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"No information that they tried to take the animals from the place, it was just strictly a I guess you would call it a joy killing," said Albert

McGrew says he had another one of his potential prize bucks shot in the rear two weeks ago. But other than these instances, they haven't had any trouble.

Owners say the rest of the dear are skittish because of the incident. They're hoping the washed away blood trail will help calm everybody down.

"These are deer that we want to go to breeding stock and to have good long lives and uh we've, they're so hard to keep alive in the first place without somebody coming by and putting an arrow through them," he said.

The guilty party could face animal cruelty charges. Department of Agriculture officials will be in Green Country on Monday to investigate both shootings.