Jenks Golf Course Battles To Keep The Greens…Green

Tuesday, July 26th 2011, 9:34 pm
By: News On 6

Rick Wells, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- We are all fighting the same battle trying to keep our small patch of grass from dying in the heat. Imagine if you had more than 100 acres of mostly grass to try to keep green and healthy in triple digit temperatures.

Until cooler weather comes, the crew at South Lakes golf course in Jenks is staying ahead of the heat with water.

"We'll spend 7-15 minutes per green watering up the dry spots and cooling the rest of the green," said Dominic Donajkowski.

Dominic is the course superintendent, responsible for maintaining 110 acres of grass, trees and landscaping.

"What 104 degrees will do for us is when it gets back to 95 - it'll be a breeze," Dominic said.

The grounds have a dog named Champ. He is a very important member of the grounds keeping crew.

"You wanna know where the coolest spot on the course is, he'll find it for you," Dominic said.

Officially he's goose and duck wrangler. Dominic rescued him from a frozen pond a couple of winters ago. He's been like a shadow ever since.

Ride around in a cart, take a dip when it gets hot....hungry? Head for the grill and sure enough someone chopped up a ham and cheese sandwich. A dog's life out here is not bad at all.

Dominic loves the life out here too, says the best time of day is sunrise, and he loves the variety.

"One day I'm an electrician; one day I'm a plumber; next day I'm a welder - the next day I'm a doctor diagnosing disease," he said.

He's a little bit of everything, including philosophical about the heat.

"September is coming," he said.

With the cooler longer nights, the grass and trees, he says, will all come back.

They do the principal watering from ponds and wells, hundreds of thousands of gallons per night.

For the golf course superintendent and for the rest of us trying to keep things growing, September is just six weeks away.