Tulsa County Property Tax Auction Underway

Monday, June 13th 2011, 12:02 pm
By: News On 6

Emory Bryan, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A lot of property changed hands Monday in Tulsa County as the county treasurers delinquent tax auction got underway.

It's an annual auction, but this year it's bigger than most.  The County Treasurer said he expects the sale to bring in $1.2 million.

The chant of an auctioneer started the sale of 400 pieces of property because of delinquent taxes. There were 500 lots, but 100 owners paid up at the last minute to avoid losing their property.

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"This is the last resort. The property being sold today is for taxes that are three and one half years delinquent," Dennis Semler, Tulsa County Treasurer

Some of the property sold for as little as $25, the amount of the back taxes. Everything from vacant land to commercial buildings was - and is - up for sale.

Nelson Zuleta counted out the cash for his purchase, on the spot payment is required, and he came away happy.

"Seem like a good deal for me, so we are very happy," Zuleta, with Venco Construction, said.

For $4,500 dollars Zuleta bought a 28,000 square-foot lot on North Sheridan where he plans to build an office for his construction company.

"And we will try to improve the area as well and see what happens," he said.

Some buyers were going after multiple pieces of property, but many were just after one or two.

"It was a pretty good deal so I thought I would go ahead and jump on it, there's some good deals here," Jacques McConnel said.

McConnel bought what he came after: a lot and run down house he's confident he can clean up and repair.

"Needs a little work, for $600 it's not a mansion, but it's a home," he said.

The auction continues Tuesday with more properties up for sale than Tulsa County has ever sold at one time.

Part of the reason for that is a change in state law that encouraged counties to auction off property; that's why they have 400 to sell instead of the usual 150 or so.