I'm on Team Tiger

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:36 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Apr 11, 2011 8:8 AM CDT

Dean blogged earlier today that he wasn't really a big Tiger fan anymore. I still like Tiger. As a dude, not so much. As a competitor, as an athlete, as a star...I'm right on the front of the Tiger Train.

He is golf's greatest PR tool. The PGA doesn't have to market its product when Tigers in the field. If he's coming to your course, you know you'll have a great four days. If he's not attending your event, nobody watches.


Tiger Woods IS golf. Even Phil Mickelsons star power is, by comparison, a flickering blip on the average sports fans radar compared to Tiger and his lighthouse beam of popularity. He's the top draw every week, no question.

And, I was rooting for him in the final round of the Masters. I wanted him to win. I like dominance in sports. I like seeing one guy be so much better than the others that he intimidates you from the opening swing on.

Woods is Michael Jordan with a wedge. He's Willy Mays with a putter. He's Mike Tyson with a driver.

He's the best golfer on earth. He may not have won a major in a while. Heck, he hasn't won a TOURNAMENT in a while. But he's STILL the best when he's on. There is no disputing that.

He had six 3-putts this week at Augusta. If that club doesn't betray him, and turns those 3-putts into 2-putts, he wins at -16. He left a ton of shots out on the course.

I wanted him to win. I was pulling for him. Golf is better when he's winning. You could see the gallery grow with his every swing during the front nine on Sunday. He was the talk of the day, even though he lost.

You know its true. Next weeks event in Haystack, Wherever USA will be unwatchable. Tiger wont be there. He isn't the top draw...he's the only draw. Check the ratings and compare.

I want Tiger to win again. Golf NEEDS Tiger to win again. And he will...soon.

I don't care about his personal life. That's his own business. I want to see him golf...because he's the best.