Celebrating Our First Love

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:33 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Feb 13, 2011 8:56 PM CDT

Tomorrow is a day we celebrate our first and only true love.&#160; No, not Valentines Day.&#160; The day pitchers and catchers report.<BR/>Which brings me to the first question of the spring:&#160; Why havent the Cardinals broken the bank on Albert Pujols?&#160; I say this as a Cubs fan, but pay the man.<BR/>Who cares what the numbers on the contract say?&#160; He has rewarded you by playing for far less than market value for the last 8 seasons.&#160; <BR/>By the time his skills start to decline you can trade Pujols and that contract to the Yankees.&#160; The fans wont be any angrier then than if you dont sign him now and he walks to the Yankees when his current deal is done.<BR/>Pujols plays hard, he plays hurt and he plays better than anyone else in the game.<BR/>But its just not that easy.&#160; <BR/>Pujols is 31 years old.&#160; Many believe he is expecting a contract offer of 10 years and between $250 and 300 million.&#160; It may be hard to justify a 41-year-old guy making $28 million a year in 2021.&#160; Then again, it may look like a bargain.<BR/>Pujols is a god in St. Louis.&#160; He maintains a high image.&#160; People dont question him when he claims to be a drug-free man of God who doesnt play for the money.&#160; But a long and ugly contract negotiation could change that.<BR/>I think its only a matter of time.&#160; Pujols self-imposed deadline of the start of spring training as the end of negotiations until the end of the season isnt going to happen.&#160; Theres simply too much on the line for each side.<BR/>I think Pujols will get a deal and plenty of money and will stay in St. Louis.&#160; <BR/>Both Matt Holliday and Chris Carpenter make more money than Pujols.&#160; Cards fans, let the team pay Pujols and be glad you three highest paid players arent Carlos Zambrano, Alfonso Soriano and Aramis Ramirez like my Cubs.