The Meltdown Watch is On

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:30 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Dec 22, 2010 6:31 PM CDT

&lsquo;Tis the season for&#160;meltdowns.&#160; You had Arizona Cardinals quarterback Derrick Anderson two weeks ago.&#160; And&#160;two more&#160;good ones in the last 4 days.&#160; UConn women&rsquo;s coach Geno Auriemma erupted Sunday after his ladies tied UCLA&rsquo;s consecutive wins record.&#160; And then on Tuesday night Kansas State coach Frank Martin grew tired of the media&rsquo;s line of questioning following his Wildcats loss to UNLV.&#160; Who&rsquo;s next?&#160; Jets vs. Bears Sunday afternoon.&#160; Rex Ryan, please report to the podium.</P>&#160;</P>I completely respect what Auriemma has accomplished.&#160; They are the Bill Snyder-Kansas State football resurrection story of women&rsquo;s basketball.&#160; The program had produced one winning season in its history when Auriemma arrived in 1985.&#160; &#160;</P>&#160;</P>Part of the problem is that the Huskies are victims of their own success.&#160; They are like Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France.&#160; It seems that their dominance of their sports de-legitimizes the sport itself in the minds of casual fans.&#160; </P>&#160;</P>Lance Armstrong beats cancer, takes a year off, battles the European press and still wins 7 Tour de France championships.&#160; It makes critics of cycling wonder just how difficult the competition is.&#160; </P>&#160;</P>Same thing with the UConn women.&#160; It seems that every time I hear someone discussing how great and dominant the Huskies are, someone follows with the comment &ldquo;well nobody else is any good.&rdquo;&#160; It&rsquo;s far from the truth, but it&rsquo;s an easy way for the casual fan to dismiss UConn&rsquo;s accomplishments.</P>&#160;</P>My advice to Auriemma, not that he would ever listen, is to not worry about what outsiders think.&#160; He can win 200 straight games and still many will not consider the streak as great as that of John Wooden&rsquo;s Bruins.&#160; Enjoy his program and its success.&#160; If the mainstream sports media wants to cover his sport, the more the merrier.</P>&#160;</P>When we compare the men&rsquo;s game to the women&rsquo;s game, we&rsquo;re not comparing apples to oranges.&#160; We&rsquo;re comparing apples to applesauce.&#160; It&rsquo;s essentially the same product in a different form.&#160; I happen to like both.&#160; Others don&rsquo;t.&#160; </P><BR/>