What's Wrong With Me?

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:23 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Jun 26, 2010 10:14 AM CDT

Whats wrong with me?  In the past week, I have watched the following non-football, non-baseball and non-basketball sporting events:

-3 hours of U.S. Open golf on a Pebble Beach course that looked like Carnoustie in mid-winter.  Tiger couldnt make a run, Phil was U.S. Open Phil, Ernie Els was putting like me and a guy wearing a flea market painters hat beat a Frenchman (minus the beret) to claim the crown.  And still I watched.

-94 minutes of soccer.  Thats more than the previous entire total of soccer watching in my entire life.  And I even screamed twice for players whose names I had never before heard and never will hear again. 

-An hour and a half of tennis in which neither man could muster enough energy to break the other mans serve.  There were more aces than me serving to my 5-year-old son ("come on Ben you gotta move your feet") and still I could not turn away.

Normally this time of the year Im looking over college football depth charts and pouring through schedules in order to determine my longshot to win the national title while praying the OU and OSU media guides soon arrive at the television station.

But not this year.  Am I getting older, lazier or has ESPNs constantly reminding me that they will be airing non-traditional sporting events that I should believe are the most important things Ill see this decade finally paying off?  Come to think of it, when are the X-Games?  Ill look it up while Im watching the U.S. vs Ghana.  Bring on the vuvuzela! 

Whats wrong with me?