Why Are We In Such A Hurry?

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:22 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: May 27, 2010 2:36 AM CDT

<BR/>The SEC is experimenting with some &ldquo;time limits&rdquo; at this week&rsquo;s conference baseball championship.&#160; SEC officials say the experimentation is at the request of conference coaches and not television executives.</P>If there are no runners on base, a pitcher will have 20 seconds in which to deliver a pitch or a ball will be called.&#160; Consequently, if a batter is not in the box and ready with 5 seconds left on that clock, a strike will be called.</P>Teams are also being given only 90 seconds between half innings.</P>My first reaction to all of this waswho are the remote control, MTV generation, attention deficit disorder suffering experts who are worried about the length of a baseball game?&#160; That&rsquo;s one of the beauties of the gamethere&rsquo;s no time limit!</P>When I attend a game as a fan, I usually have a good deal of money invested in going to the game.&#160; I&rsquo;m not worried about investing a little more time.&#160; Give me my money&rsquo;s worth.</P>But after calming down it occurred to me that the time limits might encourage television networks to broadcast more college baseball games.&#160; If the games more readily fit within network time constraints, perhaps we will see more of them.</P>I&rsquo;m a big college baseball fan.&#160; Anything that will increase exposure of the sport is a good thing at this point.&#160; </P>Okay SEC, prove to me that time limits will increase the exposure of college baseball.&#160; But make it fast, I&rsquo;ve gotta watch the American Idol finale.</P>&#160;</P>