Gunmen Posing As Police Officers Rob Three Tulsa Residents

Wednesday, May 4th 2011, 11:01 am
By: News On 6 & Tara Vreeland, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Tulsa Police are looking for two white males who impersonated police officers and robbed three people at gunpoint Tuesday afternoon.

The robbery happened Tuesday near 28th and Garnett. The victim says he and two women were tied up and robbed at gunpoint.

Jim Steele was mowing his lawn at 2 p.m. when he was approached by two men. They told him they were with a "Criminal Investigation Task Force" looking into neighborhood robberies. What Steele quickly found out is they were the robbers.

Steele sounded calm when he called 911.

911 Dispatcher: "Who robbed you?"

Jim Steele: "I have no idea. Gentleman...One taller gentleman with blue baseball cap on. It said 'Police' on it. He was carrying a cell phone on his left side and it looked like it had law enforcement insignia on it."

[Listen to the 911 call above]

But really he was shaken. Two men pretending to be police officers took him at gunpoint and forced him inside his home.

"The only thing I was thinking was keep them calm. Give them what they want, just be cool," he said.

Once inside, the robbers tied up Steele, his girlfriend Lisa Morris and Morris' 28-year-old pregnant daughter.

"He had a gun pointed to my face. He said turn around, don't look at me, get down on the floor with your face down," Lisa said.

The men stole the women's purses, phones and guns from Steele's safe.

"Course they knew we didn't want to die and they told us they didn't want to kill us, course things like that can change," Steele said.

"I hope these guys are caught and I hope they get the electric chair because of what they put me and my daughter through," Lisa said.

After a long and terrifying 45 minutes, the police impersonators loaded the loot into Steele's car and drove off.

"What I'm getting at is it's getting awfully hard to tell who the good guys are and who the bad guys are," Steele said.