Turley Family Outraged After Dog Shot With Arrow

Friday, April 29th 2011, 5:25 pm
By: News On 6

Craig Day, News On 6

TURLEY, Oklahoma -- A Turley family is outraged after their beloved family dog was shot with an arrow. It left the animal with a painful wound, and the family with an expensive vet bill.

Romal just got released from the animal hospital, and a lot of friends are stopping by to see how he's doing. Romal's been through something terrible.

"I just want to know why?" Amber Halchishick, Romal's owner, said. "Why they felt the need to injure a docile animal."

A couple of days ago, Romal showed up at home with an arrow sticking out of his side. His owner Amber Halchishick, couldn't believe it.

"I guess most people see animals as just animals, especially if you're not an animal lover. But I have three daughters, and this is my son," Halchishick said.

The arrow went through one of his kidneys. Swelling around the arrow kept Romal from bleeding to death. By the angle of the wound, veterinarians think someone shot the dog when he was lying down asleep.

"People forget, that animals feel pain just like we do," Halchishick said.

After calling dozens of vets, all who required payment up front to treat Romal, the family finally found one to remove the arrow and willing to work out a payment plan for the unexpected expense.

"The total bill after it's all said and done will be $750," Halchishick said.

Veterinarians had to remove one of Romal's kidneys.

"He was shot on his right side, it was his left kidney that had to be removed," she said.

While he's expected to make a full recovery, for his owners, it will take a little longer to recover from such disbelief and disgust as they wonder who would do such a thing.

"Someone with the heart of a serial killer," Halchishick said.

Wild Bill's Animal Sanctuary in Porter is taking donations to cover the family's vet bill. Anything raised over that amount will go into a fund to help other pet owners during emergencies when they don't have cash on hand to pay unexpected expenses.