New Downtown Dry Cleaners Even Shines Your Shoes

Wednesday, April 27th 2011, 6:00 pm
By: News On 6

Rick Wells, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- For the people who work downtown - and the increasing number of people who actually live downtown - there's a new dry cleaner in the neighborhood. The concept's pretty simple. Drop off on the way to work, pick up on the way home.

And they'll take care of your shoes, too.

Waterstone Cleaners is a new dry cleaner downtown, the first one in the central business district in anyone's memory. The owner says the business offers a convenience that people need.

"There's nothing more convenient, in my opinion. Drop it off on your way into work; pick it up on your way out. Get in your car and drive home. - and you cut out a step," said owner Jeff Waters.

The step you miss is driving to the dry cleaners on the way to or from work. The location, in the middle of Main Street, is near both office buildings and the increasing number of downtown housing units.

It's also adjacent to one of downtown's larger parking garages. After people park, they've got to walk right by and can drop off a bag of cleaning.

"This is not gonna be a traditional store, it's just not," Waters said. "A couple of thousand pass by here every single day versus 25,000 or so that you get at a traditional retail outlet."

It's just a drop off location - the actually cleaning is done at the company plant on south Harvard. Dry cleaning and laundry's not all they do - they can take care of you from tip to toe.

"Drop off a bag of shoes; pick 'em up just like your dry cleaning," said Waterstone Cleaners owner Jeff Waters.

"They'll be impeccably shined. We can repair them put on new soles and heels. Whatever the repair work that needs to be done to it."

They also do alterations and clean and repair leather as well.

Rick Wells: "Anything you won't do?"
Jeff Waters: "Not really."

Sounds like a business plan.