Neighbor Opens Fire On Tulsa Man Trying To Protect His Family

Thursday, April 7th 2011, 8:42 pm
By: News On 6

Lori Fullbright, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A Tulsa man who stood up to a neighborhood drug dealer is paying a pretty high price.  The former Army soldier says he was just trying to stand up for what's right.

Joseph McDavid will tell you he's not fighting a drug war, he's just trying to stop one drug dealer so his kids have a safe, peaceful place to live.

He's not a vigilante, didn't threaten or use force, yet, he and his wife were nearly murdered in their driveway when the neighbor opened fired with an SKS rifle.

"He hit the water pump, knocked the thermostat off, hit the radiator, heater coil, air conditioner coil, the horn on this side, came out the grill; rounds went through the radiator and on top of the truck it was here then hit up there," McDavid said.

Joseph McDavid says his truck saved his life Tuesday at 10 a.m.

He says there's a house in his neighborhood that is a drug house, customers pulling up at all hours, fighting, and prostitution. He repeatedly asked the owner to move his business elsewhere because his children and other kids live in the neighborhood.

"We have 16, 17, 20 kids playing basketball, pants don't sag, no cussing, no words that shouldn't be used. We're strict parents," he said.

When talking didn't work, Joseph started approaching the customers, telling them they're not welcome on his street and Tuesday, again told the homeowner it has to stop. As soon as Joseph turned his back, the man opened fire.

"I came running through here and as I ran, he let loose, tore the door up, front of the house up. As I went around the truck, he shot the truck up," Joseph said, recalling the incident.

Joseph and his wife threw themselves onto the ground and waited for it to stop. They believe it's a miracle they survived.

"God had this. He was all over it," his wife, Rotunda, said.

Police are now looking for Chris Carter. He was released from prison last year after serving time for manslaughter.

Joseph served in the Army in Panama City and says he was taught to fight for his country and now, he's just trying to fight for his little piece of it.

"Either I can stand up for what's right or lay down and let ‘em walk all over me," he said. "I'm not teaching my kids to let 'em walk over them. Stand up and fight for what's right."

Joseph says the bullets also damaged his wife's car, but they got it fixed so they can take the kids to school. Still, Joseph says he needs to get his truck fixed so he can get to his job in Claremore.

He says he may have to get an extra job to pay for the repairs to the truck and the house, but he believes his only other option was to let the drug dealer take over the neighborhood and he just couldn't do that.