Cyber Stalker Terrorizes Tulsa Woman With Facebook Death Threats

Monday, April 4th 2011, 6:33 pm
By: News On 6

Lori Fullbright, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A 21-year-old Tulsa woman says she's afraid after several Facebook threats. The worst part is she has no idea who's behind the messages.

Andrea says this all started out of the blue in February when someone sent her a strange message on Facebook.

She thought they had the wrong person and told them so, but they responded she was the one they were after and now, those messages have gone from strange to dangerous to worse.

"He sends stuff like that," Andrea said, pointing to a screen with the message "Die b---, you will die."

Andrea says after the first message, she changed her privacy settings on her Facebook account and blocked the person. But the stalker began using lots of different names, and even though she didn't friend them, she still got messages.

The messages were always with the same terrible grammar and spelling, all with the same messages of him being obsessed with her, saying this will never end, that her dog would go "bye bye" and for her to die.

"That's when I started taking it serious. Okay, this guy knows where I live and wants to get rid of me," Andrea said.

When he couldn't get through to her, he set up fake profiles with her friends' names and pictures and even pretended to be the sister of Andrea's ex-boyfriend.

She says he knows personal things about her, what restaurants she's been to, even outings no one knew about.

"I went to a benefit concert last Tuesday and didn't tell anyone, it was last minute and I get home, there's a message, did you like what you heard? Ida Red, which is the venue we were at, that freaked me out, because I didn't tell anybody," she said.

Andrea deleted her FB page altogether and says the stalker is now messaging her friends about where she's been and making more threats.

She hoped at first, it was just a weird joke.

"It might've been a joke with the first message and I would've blown it off, laughed, thought it was funny, don't do it again, but now it's gone too far, its crossed the line," she said.

She filed a police report and was told it could be weeks before they get to her. She's scared, she's mad, she feels helpless and wonders all the time, who it is doing this to her and why.

"I make lists all the time about who would know all this stuff, but then I think, it can't be them," she said.

Andrea wants police to subpoena Facebook and track down the person behind the threats.

I called the sergeant of Tulsa's cyber crimes unit Monday. He told me Andrea's police report had never been entered into their case management system, so they didn't even know it existed until I called, but that they take death threats seriously and will investigate.