Green Country Mother Reunites With Abducted Son Nearly 20 Years Later

Saturday, March 12th 2011, 9:31 pm
By: News On 6

Laura Moss, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- It was an emotional moment for an Oklahoma family Saturday.

Broken Arrow Police say a father took his son out of the country and away from his mother nearly 20 years ago.

Saturday, the mother and son were finally reunited at the Tulsa International Airport.

"You think all kinds of things, how are they? what are they doing? how they doing in school? Like all things like mommas do with their children," said Green Country mother Arlene Roland.

Arlene Roland said she's been waiting for this day since August, 9th 1992.

Her 4-year-old son, Jameel Mahboub was abducted by his father in a Broken Arrow park during a court monitored visitation.

The boy's father took him to Saudi Arabia where Jameel was allowed to keep in touch with his mother, for awhile.

"When he got about 13 years old was the last time I got a picture from him. And then I haven't spoke to him since," Arlene said.

That is until she got a call this week with some good news; her son was looking for her.

"My brother is the one who called me. He says you're not going to ever believe this, and I said I don't believe this," she said.

That was a few days ago. After almost a decade the silence was broken. Mother and son have since spoke on the phone several times.

Now, they're meeting for the first time in Jameel's adult life.

Arelene Roland: "Are you Jameel? Oh my god Jameel!"
Jameel Mahboub: "Hi mom."
Arelene Roland" "You're beautiful!"
Jameel Mahboub: "I love you."
Arelene Roland: "Oh my God Jameel."

Arlene said she never knew this day would actually come. Jameel's pictures aren't the only things she's held on to all of these years.

"If you ever have a child missing don't ever give up the hope. It's been 18 and a half years but that one day came," Arelene said.

"I'm very happy now because my mom is here for me," Jameel said.

Arlene says she has lots of plans for Jameel's short 4 day visit. The rest of her family will be in tomorrow to celebrate her son's return home.