Tulsa City Councilor: Mayor Bartlett Has Failed

Thursday, March 3rd 2011, 2:28 pm
By: News On 6

NewsOn6.com & Lacie Lowry, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Tulsa City Councilor John Eagleton made a presentation to the Tulsa City Council about his allegations of wrongdoing against Mayor Dewey Bartlett Thursday afternoon.

See Councilor Eagleton's presentation

See Councilor Eagleton's supporting documents

Eagleton has accused the mayor of misconduct including criminal behavior and has called on Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin to request an investigation into Bartlett's conduct in office.

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In his speech during an Urban and Economic Development Committee, Eagleton accused Bartlett of doing irreparable harm to the City of Tulsa.

"Mayor Bartlett has failed," Eagleton said. "I don't believe we can wait three more years while the mayor causes turmoil, wastes resources and sells his influence to the highest bidder."

Eagleton called for Bartlett's ouster, claiming the mayor has violated his Oath of Office, the City Charter, Ethics Codes and the law.

Eagleton listed the following points in his presentation, stating Bartlett:

  • Received money from a third party for the performance of his duties as mayor.
  • Failed to make timely appointments in 14 positions in violation of the City Charter.
  • Failed to attend meetings where he is on the board including some where "crucial policy decisions" were made.
  • Accepted free gifts or services from a city contractor.
  • Traded favors.
  • Lied to mislead councilors over a Tulsa police grant.
  • Used public resources for his wife including business cards.
  • Practiced "oppression in office" by demanding the resignation of City Council staff without the authority to do so, and
  • Expended funds contrary to city policy.

Eagleton also showed videos he said support his claims that the Mayor has engaged in misconduct. In one, Dewey Bartlett takes the oath of office Eagleton says the mayor has violated. In others, Councilors question the mayor about accepting reimbursement for travel expenses.

Watch Bartlett take Oath Of Office

Watch as Councilors question Mayor Bartlett

"Our mayor is holding the city hostage," Eagleton concluded. He said citizens interested in supporting the ouster could go to JohnEagleton.com.

The City Councilor sent a letter to Governor Mary Fallin requesting an investigation into Bartlett's actions.

Read Eagleton's Letter

"I am really ashamed and embarrassed for the city that we have had to endure this for as long as we've had to," Councilor Jack Henderson said.

"No one can deny that Mayor Bartlett did or said those things. They are facts, they are documented," said Councilor Rick Westcott.

Mayor Bartlett's private lawyer says Eagleton's claims were defamatory and not one of them is true.

"A very disrespectful way to proceed," Joel Wohlgemuth said. "It shows a significant amount of personal animosity which I wouldn't expect from a public official."

The mayor is in Florida for a meeting and couldn't attend Thursday's presentation.

His spokesman says the statement the mayor released Wednesday about this issue is still relevant.