King Cakes Ready for Mardi Gras

Thursday, March 3rd 2011, 10:39 am
By: News On 6

Chris Howell

TULSA, OK---‘Everybody wants to have a holiday, everybody needs something to look forward to, something fun and exciting,' said Larry Merritt, owner of Merritt's Bakery, ‘Mardi Gras is just that, it's just a  party. Have some good Cajun food, end it with a king cake and all the rest is just fun.'

With Marti Gras nearly at hand, bakeries are working long hours preparing the traditional King cakes.

‘We've been making a lot of them every day, but now it really ramps up and we start getting very serious,' said Larry, ‘ Ending on a week from today, Mardi Gras of Fat Tuesday, and we'll be making several thousand that day.'

This colorful, sugary cake, adorned with bead and coins helps mark the beginning of Lent with a last sweet splurge.

‘I think it's really a fun tradition and it's really good,' said Denise Westfall while enjoying one at Merritt's store at 101st and Riverside.

 ‘The baby Jesus is put in because it is part of the epiphany and each person that gets the piece that has the baby Jesus in it,' said Merritt, 'they are responsible for buying the next cake at the next party.'

Chris Howell