Green Country Marines Reunite 20 Years Later

Saturday, February 26th 2011, 10:00 pm
By: News On 6

Laura Moss, News On 6

CATOOOSA, Oklahoma -- While thousands of Oklahoma men and women are serving in war zones half-a-world away, one group of veterans is celebrating 20 years off the battle field.

"It's just crazy," said Desert Storm veteran Dustin Bowman. "It's hard to remember names sometimes but you see the face the stories come right back."

A group of Veterans deployed for Operation Desert Storm in November of 1990 went from gun smoke, to cigar smoke as they celebrated their 20 year reunion at the Hard Rock Casino In Catoosa Saturday.

"We've been really close ever since, and we've got a bond nobody will ever separate," said Desert Storm veteran Gary Bowman

Brothers Dustin and Gary Bowman served together in South West Asia, which they say was a good and a bad thing

"You've got brotherly bond and then you've got brotherly Marine Corp bond," Gary said.

"It was good for us, not so much for them, we had each other over there, but our family had two of us over there," Dustin said.

Twenty years ago, the group of 200 Marines deployed, 160 of them from Green Country, and every one of them returned walking, talking and healthy.

"You know, I never even got a hang nail," said Desert Storm veteran Richard Moss.

Even though they didn't leave with battle scars, one Marine says they didn't leave empty handed.

"We called it a fruit salad. We had lance Corporals over there with one little old medal, and then we get back and we have all this stuff on us," Moss said.

While members of the group flipped through pictures and cracked jokes about old times, they say if asked, they would all do it again.