Students At One Tulsa School Discuss Black History Month

Thursday, February 24th 2011, 9:08 am
By: News On 6

Jamie McGriff, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- February is Black History Month, which is an opportunity for us to recognize the contributions of African-Americans to our culture and society.

It's a month that means so much too so many people, but what about kids?

I went on a mission to find out what Black History Month means to Tulsa Public School students. Several 3rd to 5 grade students at Whitman Elementary School took me down one of the hallways where special pictures are on display.

The student's works of art feature African Americans who made achievements in areas including civil rights, politics, sports and entertainment.

They know February is a special month.

"I think Black History month, is a month we should celebrate and honor our people who fought for our rights," said Avery Hill, 4th grader at Whitman.

In the school library we talked about what they've read. Quavion Beach, a 5th grader remembers his last experience studying Black pioneers.

"We all had to pick a person when we were in the 4th grade and we had to come down to the library and look them up and stuff," said Quavion Beach, who attends Whitman.

And of course write a report. There's plenty left to read. While studying, 10- year-old Rasheeda Blackwood learned gaining freedom came at a cost for her ancestors.

"And how they were beaten and thrown in jail, because they wanted to have their own rights and some white people were abolitionists, they tried to help the black people get out of slavery and they did," said Rasheeda Blackwood, 4th grader.

Dillen Phillips, who's a 3rd grader at Whitman was shy, but he managed to break down the basic issue surrounding Rosa Parks.

What do you remember about her?

"She didn't get off the bus because she was sitting on the front seat where the white people was and then the bus driver had to call the cops and then they arrested her and put her in jail," said Dillen Phillips.

Do you think that was right? Dillen shakes his head 'no'. Jamie McGriff: Why? "Because it's just a seat," said Dillen Phillips.